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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Creating an App to make Open Data useful

After a class about Open Data and how we can use it, our professor told us to think of a project such as a website, a data visualization (infographics) or an app that would make data more useful and friendly.

My idea was to create this app in which you could search the product you're buying or the service you're hiring and see how many complaints about this product or service were registered on the Brazilian consumer protection organisation, named Procon. I obviously picked the Brazilian example because I'm from Brazil, but this could be adapted to any country with a system that registers this kind of complaint.

Here's a quick pitch on my idea. Sorry for the gaps and the pronunciation mistakes, I was a little sick when I recorded it.

So, would you download this app? Tell me how could it be improved! 

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1 comentários:

  1. This is a useful, narrow idea. A complaint-checking app - quite a unique idea actually.


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