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Thursday, 7 March 2013

#instaBrum: My enterprise project dissected in a blog post and a 2 min pitch

As I have told here before, I'm organizing an Instagram Photomarathon in Birmingham, and now is time to show where I have managed to get until this point of my journey.

So, the Instagram Photomarathon, which I'll call #instaBrum, is an event in which participants are given themes to photograph within certain time and post to Instagram. The target are photographers and photography enthusiasts.

I noticed, through research and talking to people, that photography networking events don't happen very often in Birmingham, so there's a market for this kind of project. I also though of having it connected with Social Media because networking today is strongly based on those channels, since they have become a powerful tool to get people to know your work and contact you easily. That said, networking is the main goal of the event, but besides that, having fun is also important!

The fact that pictures of Birmingham will be posted to Instagram, a Social Network with 100 million monthly active users across the globe, is also interesting to the image of the city, as it may attract visitors.

In this 2 minute pitch I answer the main questions about my project: what it is, why I decided to do it, who's the target, what are the benefits and how will I do it.

*Here's the automated Twitter account I mentioned on the video, in case you're curious.

Having been told by our teacher to watch videos like this one, from NESTA, and this one, with an idea from Steven Johnson, we have heard a lot of times that it is important to be passionate, but it is also important to listen to others and value their thoughts. And through the process of developing my idea and maturing it, I have learned that listening to people's opinion is essential. It can make a lot of things clearer, because different people see through different points of view.

Pitching is also a tricky thing, you have to say all that's important in a very limited time, and that's only possible through a lot of practice. Taking suggestions and criticism and making the most of them is crucial when it comes to this stage of the project.

Now, my next steps are to improve my business plan, decide on a date for the event and start selling my sponsorship packages. The date will probably be during the first or second week of june. As for the sponsorship packages, I'll work a little more on what I can offer and how much I can get for that, and start selling them next week.

I'm really fond of listening to opinions, suggestions and criticism, so please, let me know what you think of my idea! Here's a few questions you could answer to help me: Would you participate in such event? What do you think I can do to improve it? Is there anything I should change? Who do you think would be interested in sponsoring it? You can see my latest business model canvas here and the business plan sketch here.

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