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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mix, match and tweet: feeds are fun!

So this week we had to create an automated Twitter account using combined feeds and other sources. As my enterprise idea is an Instagram Photomarathon, I figured I should create a Twitter account that would be somehow useful for that.

I mixed Instagram tags and a combined feed of Birmingham's events to create the InstaBrum Twitter. The "robot twitter" Tweets every Instagram picture with the tags #birmingham, #bham and #igersbirmingham, and also tweets updates about events in the city.

To get that to work I used FeedBurnerIFTTT and RSSMix. Here's a 10 steps list of what I did:
  • Created an e-mail account on GMail to my new Twitter account
  • Set up new Twitter account

  • Set up IFTTT account
  • Created IFTTT recipes to tweet all Instagram photos with the tags #birmingham #bham #igersbirmingham

  • Set up FeedBurner account (it's actually a Google service, so you don't even need to create a new account if you have a Google account)
  • Burnt a feed for a site that lists all events in Birmingham
  • Burnt a feed for a site that lists free events in Birmingham

  • Used MixRSS to mix both feeds
  • Created IFTTT recipe to tweet every new post of the events and free events combined feed

  • Voilá! InstaBrum is working fine, and the process of creating it wasn't painful at all!
Any doubt about any of the steps above? Just ask me here, on Twitter or on Facebook!

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